Townhomes Suitable for Home Based Business

Starting from the $300,000's

 The commute to your office can often take at least a couple of hours out of the day. How would you like to cut it down to about 30 seconds. Welcome to “The Satellite” at The Trading Post. You live upstairs and your office is downstairs. Ideal for things like a design studio, yoga studio, hair salon, accounting, law or real estate office.  All the live/work townhomes have commercial space that is completely finished, and already within the current property zoning.  The spaces are approximately 540 square feet, and include a fully finished space with half bathroom included. Easy commute. Low overhead. Hey, you’re even home for lunch every day. Now that’s truly live/work balance.

If you don’t have a home based business, then the commercial space will act as a fully developed basement; perfect for a home theatre, games room or whatever you choose.